Chaturbate Review

Chaturbate is arguably one of the largest online sex cams out there. However, in terms of models and performances, how well does the site hold up? Well, there are many different factors to consider before arriving at an answer.

If you want to find out just what it is that Chaturbate has to offer you and whether or not it is worth your money, check out the following review

Pros and Cons

  • Cheap or sometimes free
  • Always need models
  • every day
  • Easy to use
  • Low moderation
  • Slightly outdated design


How Does Chaturbate Work?

Chaturbate follows the same concept of most live sex cams – the site allows you to check out live videos from people all over the world. With Chaturbate, though, the content tends to be more sexually explicit straight off the bat. This is unlike many other sites, where models will build up to such acts.

The other difference with Chaturbate is that, for the most part, it is free. You can check out virtually video that you want and not have to pay if you don’t want to. Of course, certain rules and limitations do apply. However, you can browse without paying for quite a bit.

The Models

For models, you can select from Women, Men, Transgender, and Couples. Despite being termed as Couples, you can often find groups of men, women, and mixed genders under that category. You should know that all the models are amateurs.

While there is no exact for how many models there are, you will never really be left hanging. This is because models from all over the world are online at any given time. So, whenever you log in, you may dozens or even hundreds to choose from.

Since Chaturbate is a global effort, there is plenty of diversity. It doesn’t matter what your criteria is, the site is sure to meet it with their variety of models. As such, viewers are able to find models who are able to fit their physical, personal, and other needs.

The Visitor Base

It is just as important to understand Chaturbate’s visitor base as well. It is estimated that around 4.3 million users visit the site on a regular basis. Thus, you can be sure that with this kind of visitor loyalty that the site is offering precisely the kind of content that you want.

In terms of visitors, most of them are men. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn't content for everyone. Once again, the models to cater to a large and diverse audience. As such, the site does work for most visitors.

Signing Up

The interesting thing about Chaturbate is that you don’t actually have to create a profile to use the site. Instead, you can simply head over to the site and start watching videos immediately. However, you should be aware that many models will have certain rules regarding this.

As such, there are some that will not allow users with no profiles onto their page. Due to this, signing up makes more sense. The good news is that just because you sign up doesn’t mean that you have to pay. Instead, you continue to be able to access content for free. It is just that you will have more access than before.

Signing up is a rather straightforward process here. You don’t have to provide too much information. Instead, you simply have to provide a username, password, email account, gender, and birthdate. You should be aware that the site is quite strict about not allowing minors. As such, you may need to verify that you are actually legally an adult.

The Accounts

When you first sign up, you are signing up to a Basic Account. This means that you get to view any show that you want. In addition, if you want to tip models or ask for specific acts, then you can purchase tokens.

In case you would like some additional perks, though, you can upgrade to a Premier membership. Here, you will be charged a monthly fee. When you do this, you don’t have to deal with ads anymore. You can also customize your chat fonts and colors if you would like to do so.

One of the bigger perks is that you can engage in private messaging with the models, allowing you to interact with them more. Many Premier members have also discovered that they do get more attention from models as well.

Upgrading to a premier membership means that you also get free tokens to use. It is only once you use these up that you have to top up your account again.

How Do the Live Shows Work?

 As mentioned, the live shows are free to watch. All you have to do is to click on a video and you will be transferred to the model’s profile. Once there, the video will automatically start playing. You can simply start here.

Now, most models will have a tipping feature attached to each of their profiles. This means that they are trying to reach a tipping goal. In some cases, once the goal is reached, the model will perform a certain act or task.

What’s unique about this tipping is that any given time, dozens or hundreds of people can be watching a video. This means that each person is only required to tip a very small amount. Such a function makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Bear in mind, you aren't obligated to tip. However, in such community videos, there are certain protocols that you must follow. To begin with, you can communicate with the models via chat, but you shouldn’t give them instructions or ask them to do anything.

If you do tip, though, you may be able to ask the model to do certain things. But, she doesn’t have to follow the instructions. It is important to be considerate on the chat and not be rude or mean to the models or others viewing the video.

If the model wishes it, the videos can be rather interactive. For instance, some models will allow users to connect with vibrators via apps, etc. In most cases, though, the models set the tone and rules for their live stream.

Types of Shows

There are different shows that you can access. While the community videos are free, you will have to contribute tokens for the other shows.

Private Shows

As the name suggests, these are shows where you can be one-on-one with a model. The benefit here is that you can chat directly with the model and can often ask them to do things. Or, they may put on a special show for you. This is often the most expensive of options.

In some cases, models will allow you to record short portions of their private shows. This is pretty rare, though, as most models don’t want their content to be distributed.

Spy Shows

Here, you get to “spy” on people’s private shows. It is up to the model to decide if this is an option and, if so, how many people can watch. The benefit of this kind of show is that you can get a discounted rate for a private show.

At the same time, there are limitations with this option. To begin with, you can’t interact with the model or the main viewer at any point during the show. You also have no control when the show will begin or end. Once the main viewer is done, you will be removed from the live stream as well.

It should be noted that Chaturbate doesn’t have as many different kinds of shows as some other live cam sites. However, this isn't too much of an issue considering that there are so many free options available. As such, Chaturbate doesn’t really need to segment various shows.


There are a few additional features that you can enjoy with Chaturbate:

HD and HD+ Quality

If you are looking for a higher quality live streaming experience, then Chaturbate is the place to go to. Virtually all the models there offer HD quality and plenty will offer HD+. This is great if you want a better quality picture or don’t want to worry about pixelating during a show.

Of course, you should still remember that you are dealing with web cams. As such, the quality may not be as up to scratch as other kinds of videos.

My Collection

If a model does allow you to record a small part of their show, this clip will be transferred to My Collection. Then, you can view it whenever you want.


There are many different live streams and videos so it is possible that you are missing out on content that you may really like. With the Tube feature, though, you are given recommendations, along with small snippets of the video. This makes it far easier for you to find new videos.

Site Usability

The site design is rather simplistic. On the homepage, you can find the various categories for the videos. All you have to do is to click on the videos and you can begin enjoying the content.

If you have a particular kind of video in mind, then you can use special tags to help narrow down your search. These tags can range from physical attributes all the way down to kinks. If you can’t make up your mind, you can check out all the tags that exist, along with how many videos are available.

Tokens and Billing

If you are signing up for a Basic account, then the site is free to use. Only Premium accounts require monthly payment. Apart from this, you only have to buy tokens and spend them on the models.

Unless you are in a Private Chat, you can choose to contribute as little or as much as you want. In Private Chats, models will often set the price for you. It is up to you to decide if you are willing to pay it.

The most common way to make payments on the site is via major credit cards. The good news for you is that the site is quite discreet. Due to this, nothing explicit or obvious will show up on your credit card statements.

You can also choose to pay via a third party payment solutions known as Epoch. If you pay via this method, then only will show on your credit card statement.

Privacy and Security

Chaturbate doesn’t concern itself with either privacy or security. For the most part, this is left up to the individual visitors and models. As such, everyone needs to exercise the appropriate amount of caution when visiting the site.

Chaturbate doesn’t moderate any of the videos either. However, you can contact the site managers directly to report certain inappropriate content. At the same time, models can also report users for inappropriate behavior. Enough warnings can get a user barred indefinitely.

Final Thoughts

So, how does Chaturbate measure up when compared to other live sex cams? Well, Chaturbate is certainly not trying to reinvent the wheel. Due to this, you will see a similar layout as many other sites.

The main benefit of this site, though, is that most of the videos are completely free. And, even the payments tend to be rather minor as it involves lots of people pitching in at the same time. This makes it a far more attractive option than most other sites.

Another benefit to the site is just how many videos are available. There appear to be lots of models available at any given time. And, these models fall under numerous different categories, meeting a wide variety of interests and requirements.

The site is also easy enough to use and the costs of tokens are at a minimum. Thus, most people feel like they are getting excellent value for money. There is also the fact that Chaturbate has proven to be a reliable option. This makes it a one-stop destination.

Despite only have amateur models, Chaturbate does have quite a bit to offer the average user. And, it continues to beat the competition out in terms of price as well as content.

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